Keyring in /e/ os?

Hi all,

is there something like a keyring in /e/ OS?
in iphone there is something that remembers app passwords securely, you only need to unlock it and then it remembers the username and password when you try to login to an app that requires a password to login each time.

on linux there is also something similar “passwords and keys”.

is there something similar on /e/ os? Would be very convenient, haven’t found it yet.
on iphone it automatically detects when you need it to login to an app, and you enter a pincode then it unlocks and enters the password for you.

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To be honest, I don’t know or think there is something like that on the OS level.
Password managers work with apps just fine though so I figure you can look into one of those I guess.
Not as seamless of course.


Not as convenient as a real keyring, but there’s a autofill service that password managers on Android hook into to provide login credentials.

Search fdroid for password managers.

I use “password store” (dev.msfjarvis.aps) with a key generated by openkeychain (that is installed by default). Feels natural coming from linux ‘pass’ util, so a bit niche.


I don’t know how it works, but the app I used to log in every time asked me yesterday if I wanted to log in with biometrics. I can now unlock with biometrics (fingerprint). So now I don’t need the password anymore and the problem has been solved for me.