Keys against screen protector

Is there anyone else carrying his/her phone in the same pocket as their keyring? I’m not sure if I can trust the screen protector which was bundled with my Teracube 2e to withstand ongoing contact with my keyring. Should I get a foldcase instead? I went to Blöd Markt to compare sizes and it seems as if foldcases for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could fit. Any experiences with that?

Edit: My keyring looks like this, just with seven keys and it is attached to a chain preventing it from getting lost.

This is the one I use:

It’s survived for years and years (more than a decade)… three phones so far, and it’s still in good shape, despite being on my belt when I was doing heavy work. Later on, I figured out that it perfectly fit in the shirt pocket of my work uniform (when I was on watch duty, and I had tools and PPE occupying most of my belt area), so I put it there, but you have to be careful doing that… I lifted a heavy box two phones back, and it pressed against my chest. The box crushed the SIM card connector, so the phone did everything it was supposed to do except make phone calls. That’s when I got the new phone, then that phone’s battery went bad, and that’s when I got the Murena Teracube 2e Emerald.

The Teracube with the case on it is a snug slide-in fit, but the sides of the phone carrier expand so it fits perfectly.

Also, for your keys, you can use a ReelKey or Key-Bak reel… a retractable keychain with a Kevlar-reinforced or carbon fiber-reinforced stranded-steel, plastic-covered cable, rather than the cheap string like others use. I have a heavy-duty version which has enough pull to keep more than 30 keys reeled up tight, since I worked in a 9.2 million square foot facility and had a lot of elevator, escalator and door keys.

I have the Xtreme Duty version of this one, but with a 36" cable made of plastic-coated aramid fibers and stranded steel:

I don’t see the Xtreme Duty version for sale anymore, and I don’t see the customization options anymore.

Okay, just an update. I did not buy any additional screen protector and got used to carrying both the keys and the phone in the same pocket since ~2 months now. No heavy work, basically just walking and bike riding. It did not harm the screen so far. I will keep checking it every now and then.

Curious: why even risk it? :slight_smile:

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Heh, I’m with Taurus on this one. Why risk it? Pants come with two pockets at least. This shouldn’t even be an issue. Keys in one, phone in the other.
The aforememtioned holster approach is also an option.

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Also, sharp keys could scratch the back or sides of the phone, or even an after-market case, independently of the screen.