Kill foreground app

Hi, I’m coming from LineageOS 20 and I liked the kill foreground app function avaible via Settings > Buttons > Long swipe action > Kill foreground app.

This isn’t available in e/os V2 for OnePlus N200 (dre)
I could not see anythng similar in dev options either.

As it stands, swiping up makes the app go away. Going to Configuration > Apps > App Info; the app is still running as Force stop is displayed.

When killing the app, force stop is grayed out meanimg the app is not running.


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Not sure if this is the same, but, Bliss launcher, if I swipe down quick settings twice, I see this at the foot of the screen.

Don’t see that on my device.
Just the gear and power buttons are shown.

This was on e-2.1-t-xxx-dev-ocean, I have not had the phone very long, I maybe didn’t see it straight off as it requires two pull down of quick settings, not certain if it preceded e-2.0-t. Not seen on 2.0-r- builds.

Anybody able to confirm if “kill foreground app” is available via Settings > Buttons > Long swipe action > Kill foreground app.


i find it on e-0.18-r, but not on e-2.1-r

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Salut Piero! Do you mind adding a screenshot showing the option in v18. Merci!

my bad, i firstly found it in e-0.18-r because it was not translated in french,

french interface :

english interface :

and i firstly don’t found it in e-2.1-r because it is bad translated :

french interface :

english interface :


Flashed v2.0 again and I don’t see it.

What devices do you have Piero?

as i said it is in /e/OS-R (based on android 11 Red_Velvet_Cake)

the builds i use are
e-0.18-r-20210814-UNOFFICIAL-mini-serranoltexx (Samsung Galaxy s4mini)
e-2.1-r-20240606407290-dev-jfltexx (Samsung Galaxy s4)

the build you use is one of the /e/OS-T (based on android 13 Tiramisu)

Thanks Piero.

Anyone with a OnePlus N200 (dre) able to confirm if kill foreground app is available or not?