I am continuously notified about this error related to contacts synchronization with /e/ cloud. In order to get rid of it I tried: removing all contacts and re-importing them from the vcf file, removing and adding again the /e/ address book account and also factory-reset my refurbished Galaxy S7 edge. None of these worked.
To be noticed, lately I added some contacts I accidentally deleted previously, using thunderbird cardbook plugin synced with /e/ cloud.
This is a troublesome problem also because it keeps trying to sync unsuccessfully and drains battery. By the way, disabling contact sync from /e/ account configuration does not work (it re-enables itself).
Any idea?

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In case you don’t find a solution, you can report this issue on the gitlab.

I know, thank you, I already reported some bugs… just hoping this is not a bug and there is a way to find a quick solution…

I am experiencing the same issue and just reported it at gitlab.

One solution that MIGHT work is to use a different tool for sync. I used the internal WebDAV first, which gave me the error message. Using DAVx5 (downloadable from F-Droid) seems to work just fine however.

Not of caution: After installing DAVx5 I deleted the WebDAV version but it just reinstalled itself after a while for some unknown reason. After deleting it again it seems to have worked though. At least I do hope so, since the error message is quite annoying…

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Hi, great, I will follow the issue on gitlab then. Since I suspected that this problem may be caused by contact groups (I already had problem with groups, see issue https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/700 ) and having noticed that importing the vcf file from the default Contacts app does not import groups, I activated another addressbook with the very same contacts loaded from the CardBook-exported vcf and no error appears. I therefore strongly suspect that the problem could be related to group/category processing. Do you use groups in your addressbook?

This error happen on my Galaxy S8 which I installed via the Easy Installer and made all the update. Since this error is related to my Personal Contact List, I reduce my contact to sync only once a day, but still annoying. It would be nice to have a follow from the team because even on the gitlab it seams nothing happening.


  • I imported my 100 contacts from Google in the VCF format
  • My WebdaV/CardDav/CalDav is mailcow

Hi @luciomarinelli
Did you get this fixed?

Still experiencing the issue. In order to have contacts synced I am still using Fdroid’s DAVx5 instead of preinstalled /e/ version

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Thank you @luciomarinelli. I’ll be giving DAVx5 a go today. Cheers