Kvaesitso launcher

I recently discovered on f-droid kvaesitso launcher.
It is in active development and is full of interesting features.
Its concept is similar to Blisslauncher one, major difference is that kvaesitso implements a drawer to host all app instead of multiple homescreens.

Kvaesitso in my opinion is more mature than Bliss: it have a lot of more configuration options, it provides configurable “quick option” in the search bar with web site preview, unit converter, calculator and more; it can search also in cloud account (next/own cloud, google drive, onedrive) and last but not least, it also offers full configurable theme colors in addition to the more usual visual options.

In summary i think it should be interesting for the e/os future development.


Indeed a powerfull launcher. A lot of useful features.

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I agree as I have used both launchers often but I will admit there were some things I did not like about the launcher. The main thing being that it will make a connection to microsoft servers which is unnecessary for me as I do not use any microsoft product. Could possibly be a small gripe considering it’s probably not even sending much, if any data to microsoft servers but still. Either way overall it is a fantastic launcher

I don’t think that kvaesitso should substitute bliss, or at least this is not necessary.
But there are plenty of ideas and code that could be used in Bliss future development.

For example using the widget screen as homescreen with all the fantastic widgets like kvaeasitso does (meteo with met norway provider, clock changing forereground color following wallpapers, favourites etc.)
Or implementing cloud search without strange behaviours or providers.

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That is a very good idea/suggestion. Cause as I mentioned I don’t like some things that kvaesitso launcher does but I liked a lot of it’s features such as the universal search. And I did like those widgets also. I often didn’t like bliss launcher due to how barebones it felt so they could possibly add a settings page for it with settings for e.g hide app functionality, icon pack support. I know stuff like that ain’t necessary but I do think it would help with the appeal of the launcher for some people