Lacking space in edrive

This morning I received a pop-up notification that my drive lacks space.
Actually, on my edrive only 2.7/5GB are used and my phone’s memory has still 30GB free. Is this just a bug to report or is there another underlying issue?

Hi @ralxx There is an option under settings Show hidden files.Check that and see if there are more files showing up.

Thanx @Manoj, I already switched on the hidden file option. Nothing unexpected discovered so far. Waiting now that the notification reappears (or not).

I’ve got the same error, but the solution wont work for me. I enable the hidden files and still can see the message.

There is an issue with the ecloud at the moment . You can track the progress in this thread.

I use my own nextcloud server.

Hi, I have the same problem, as well as several crashes since the latest update (magic earth, e appstore)
Do you think I should downgrade the os or is it going to be fixed?
Thank you!

Experienced the same unexpected error on 0.9-2020062660259 with account. The notification says “lacks of space”, but on opening the Files or in NC dev or in web-browser: information is shown about cca 70% space used.