Langis (Signal FOSS) and camera not working properly - interconnected problem


I’m solving problem with Langis (Signal FOSS alternative - and similar and interconnected problem with stock Camera app.

When I try to launch Langis app, the message list appear correctly, but after tapping on any conversation, the app freezes, only black screen appears and app doesn’t respond.

A notification will appear at the same time: “Background connection enabled”.
New messages is delivered correctly too, but appears only in notifications.

Similar problem I have with stock Camera app (OpenCam), black screen and no response from app.

After some time (it could be minutes, or many hours or any time) either Langis, or Camera starts to work fully correctly. Neither the Langis nor the Camera works this way, but when one of these apps starts working, the other starts working too.

I’ve tried the Signal-FOSS app (Signal-FOSS - TwinHelix) too - same problems as with Langis.

Key points of behaviour :

  • Problems occurs only after system reboot, after apps trying to launch - and after sucessful launch, everything is fully functional until next reboot
  • It’s unclear what it depends on, how long the problem lasts
  • It looks, that some data is trying to be downloaded (maybe message database syncing?)
  • Blokada doesn’t show any unusual connection attempts

Questions :

  • Is there any way to trace what causes the problem in the system (view some logs or so)?
  • Or do you have any other idea how to solve it? :slight_smile:

Any help is very appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Hi @ptscz,

Off topic question: is there a good reason to use Signal alternatives, if Signal works fine with /e/OS?
It is just out of curiosity, because perhaps I have not grasped the advantages … Thank you in advance

Hi @sonyxa2,

thanks for your question. As is written on Langis page, original Signal uses Google Play Services to notify devices when new messages are available for you. If you want to avoid using Google services, you have to use “patched” version of Signal, which are using different system to deliver the notifications.

You can look at Langis page (link is in my original post), where the problem is nicely explained.

Thank you @ptscz for your reply.
I will definetely check, as I was supposing the Signal on /e/OS did not use the Play Services … or perhaps I have not full understood how that works :slight_smile: A good reading will help :slight_smile:

Have a good day

The more I read the less I understand …
I checked both pages, Langis and Signal-FOSS), and I am not sure I have entirely understood…
From Langis:
“impossibility to use Signal on devices which does not have the Google Play Services enabled or when they are installed but outdated or when user does not want to provide hir Android device a Google account.”

I do not have the Play Services in my /e/OS device (my understanding is that MicroG is replacing that, or is the situation different?), neither a Google account. Therefore I should be fine, shouldn’t I?

From Signal-FOSS:
“Google binary blobs removed. Uses OpenStreetMap for maps and a websocket server connection, instead of Google Maps and Firebase Cloud Messaging.”
“All official APKs include multiple closed source Google dependencies including Firebase Cloud Messaging (for notifications), Maps, Authentication and (since v5.24.15) Wallet/Payments.”

Not having Google Maps in my /e/OS device, would the above be a problem? I do not know about that Firebase Cloud Messaging / Authentication … I should dig more … I do not think I have that “Wallet/Payment” feature in my /e/OS… or at least I do not use it :slight_smile:

I have started wondering that perhaps I have not checked all that before using the official Signal application (downloaded from their website) … if there any good alternatives that run well, I might consider switching …