Laptops and Possibilities

Just out of curiosity … I have a Lenovo T450 laptop using Linux O/S’s (Ubuntu 18.04.5 and Zorin 15). The 1TB SSD has 4 partitions.
My question is: Would it be possible to install the /e/ O/S to the Laptop?

I will probably get a lot of “flack” with this question, but who knows? :-))

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

there’s no generic x86 target image of /e/ yet, but if you are in tinker mode you could check how far you get by building yourself. The fugu was a build target of Lineage that was a x86 device.

You could try android-x86 first, they have an interactive installer to target one of your partitions if you want to run natively. Qemu is also an easy way to try if you like it.

Thanks for the links and info … put the android-x86 onto a 15GB drive and was able to boot to the drive, which in turn wanted a whole lot of Google apps, etc., installed … which I am trying to avoid .

It was an interesting venture …

Thanks again,


Hi @demas11,

Perhaps you could have a look at Bliss OS. If I remember correctly they have a FOSS, de-googled version of Android which also can run in “DEX” mode.

Greetings …

Thanks for the advice, I downloaded the Bliss O/S and put it on Thumb drive. Booted O.K., but as stated on their web site, the O/S could be a bit “buggy”.

Will do a bit more experimenting


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