Launch an app as Root

Hey, so I have /e/ OS installed on my FP2 and I want to monitor the apps running in the background. I found Drowser for that in F-Droid but it complains it isn’t running as root when launched. I thought /e/ os was rooted by default, isn’t it the case? Why can Drowser ask for admin rights and I can’t accept it?

By default /e/ is not rooted, because (in my opinion) rooting a phone is neither necessary nor desirable for the users who are /e/'s ‘target audience’. More technical users like yourself, who know about rooting and why it might be useful for them, are generally quite capable of finding out how to go about rooting their device if the choose to do so.


So is there something around here about rooting /e/ specifically? Or should I go the classic Magisk way?

Yes take the Magisk way, it is the only one !

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