Launcher problem after reboot

when booting the first time after installing the update there is a short message in the task bar with “ending android update” or something like that

This is normally shown when the system apps are going to update

Oh, okay. It’s getting weird. I don’t have any app on the phone that I don’t have on the other. Trying to recover for the like 20th time now…

okay, set the system completely back. Now the current version seems to be running okay.

Good to hear, hope next OTA will work out of the box

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Okay, had the same problem again.
Now the problem could be solved by “only” delete the cache in TWRP.
Still don’t know where the problem could be. As I mentioned I have two galaxy S7.

Maybe there is a problem with an app and the SIM-card? Because I just use one phone with a SIM-card.

Pl raise a bug with the details of the two phones…mention the difference between the two and the launcher behavior. The developer is making some changes to the app. He can add this fix to his list.

I’m experiencing a similar problem. Upon boot, my home screen is blank, and there’s no default launcher set.

If I click on the home button, it goes to a black screen with just the nav bar at the bottom. It seems to be a home screen, but doesn’t behave like one.

I can pull down notification slide, and get to settings there. I can even set Bliss Launcher as my default home app (it wasn’t set before). I don’t see an app drawer.

This is a new install on an Esssential PH1. To install I flashed the phone with the factory Nougat ROM (NMK24B, downloaded from Essential), then flashed TWRP, then using TWRP installed E. It’s currently NOT rooted (just rebooted from the install).

For a bit of background: I’ve done the Flash/TWRP/Root with my Essentials many times (3 of them in the family, this one is the spare/backup), I have an extensive Project Plan detailing the process - I’m very methodical, and update the plan whenever I notice a discrepancy.

As an interesting aside, should TWRP get replaced when E is installed via TWRP? When I try to reboot to Recovery, it’s no longer TWRP. Is this normal behavior for the install? (I had TWRP installed on both partitions, the initial via a Fastboot flash, then TWRP installs the TWRP zip to the inactive partition).

Looking forward to resolving this and testing/building my E image for our phones.

Thanks for the help!

Is it possible for you to install an alternate launcher and check if the default applications show up. Can you generate a log while you get the blank screen. Attach the log to a bug create here.
I will pass on the details to the developer and the logs would be very useful to debug.

Can’t install anything since the launcher doesn’t work (I suppose I could backdoor launch something from settings?) No app drawer to launch a file browser or an app store. If I go to settings, then touch the home button, nothing happens for a long time. Then it takes me to the “black home screen”. So odd.

Only thing I can access is settings.

I reflashed TWRP so I could do a full cache / data wipe, but that didn’t seem to have any effect.

I’ll try to get a different launcher on it.

Pl can you share the build details - the build you are trying to flash

Build 7.1.2 NJH47F 20191217

Interestingly I finally saw an informative error. About 30-40 seconds after trying to go home, I get a “setup wizard has crashed error” .

Was able to install another launcher (ADW), and set it as default home. Same behaviour. Can switch to it from Recents and it’s fine.

I have the light, will attach shortly.


PS. I’m open to re-flashing if you think that’s the best course. Willing to t-shoot more if this is useful for you.

Not sure if this was intended for me? (I’m not following if it was).

Is there a way to attach the logcat? (Doesn’t look like the forum supports attachments other than images, and I didn’t want to flood a post with the log text).


You can paste the log on and here the link to

Thanks harvey.

Deldog wasn’t working for me, on my phone but pastebin would.


My mistake pasted the response in the wrong thread!! That is what happens when you answer on too many threads at the same time :frowning:
Have deleted my post.

Lol, no worries.

I just reflashed /e, seemed to resolve the blank launcher issue.