Launcher settings

As another discussion has show, not everyone likes the swipe feature on bliss launcher.
Every launcher does have his own settings. Why does bliss doesn’t have his own settings where the user can choose what he want, the swipe down feature, the background, endless desktop swipe and so on.


I guess it will come in the future :slight_smile: Maybe you should make a feature proposal on the gitlab with all settings and possibilities.

Feature request here, feature request in git … No, I think I will wait till final version :wink:

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Yeah like for example I would like to change the colour of the app groups to a transparent (unless its some patented apple feature) I don’t like the white colour.

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Hmm . . . mayBe Lucid Launcher dont know right about Previleges but a Clean Performance Concept.

Th@nks e.Foundation

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The big plus on Total launcher is the possibility of modifications. I don’t know any other launcher where you can mod such a lot. I think there is nothing which you can’t customize in total launcher. even Nova launcher has less.

End I think he was asking for a feature in Total Launcher, not for a replacement.