Leads on tools to transfer data from previous android phone

Hey everyone!
My apologies in advance if , and I am sure of it, my subject was already brought up before.
I want to transfer all my contacts,call logs, sms (signal), system settings but mostly a few apps (whatsapp, French banking, Pocket Mortys game, etc…) with their respective datas that do not seem to have been transfered via MicroG sync.
Other technical information: both phones are s7 edge SM-G935F, none rooted.
Any tool/app avaialable? any clear detailed (French or English) tutorial to recommend?
Contacting you since Samsung switch tool and a few other apps I tried weren’t working for me.
Thank you for your advice and recommandations!
other than that /e/ seems amaz/e/ng, so thank you to the entire developping team!
I am really looking forward to using this OS as my daily driver.

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