Learning VoWifi, VoLTE, and IMS

VoLTE and the backing IMS is built with VoIP/SIP parts. You can see ipsec packets at the router when doing VoWifi calls. Why is that? Here an author is poking at it with great educational value. Alt subtext “there’s no open volte implementation”. A fun read!

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there’s a second part I didn’t notice before, it succeeds in a lab-only-carrier VoWifi call. It’s done for an iPhone but it would apply to an Android too

sysmocon wrote a feasability study on a open volte implementation for ubuntu touch in 2021 (linked in last paragraph): First steps in VoLTE support for Ubuntu Touch | UBports

Why can some “quite open” phones already use VoLTE? in e.g. a pinephone the modem does all the lifting and just receives AT commands - PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) - postmarketOS - this is described in the sysmocon pdf. If someone has links for poking at qualcomm SoCs ims functions, please share.

I’m sad to see fine hardware being let go. I’m no carrier insider so I can’t list technical reasons (band support, codec licensing etc) why a device would get blocked on a network (AT&T etc).

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