Leaving Apple & Google, can we?



I was reading with great interest on how to leave Google.
Just for fun I checked what cookies and scripts was active on this very page.
To my surprise I found google-analytics.com - probably a misshap or…?


Please can you let us know how were you checking this?


Hi Manoj,

I use Firefox (Win7 or Linux) with the excellent add on uMatrix.
With uMatrix you have full control of what third parties to block or not. red - blocked, green - ok.
There is also a log you can activate to see in great detail what’s going on behind each page you look at.
Highly recommended for the one interested in privacy.

This forum is totally clean what I can see. It’s only the blog.
The blog has many third parties who want’s to run scripts.

As I don’t know who they are I block them.
If you want to see the pictures you must allow scripts from medium.com


Thanks for pointing this out. The news /blog part of the forum is where we post links from external websites on data Privacy or where /e/ has been mentioned. And Yes those pages do have a number of scripts running on them. Have to be careful about that.


Unfortunatly Google is everywhere. It’s very big but I hope we will be able to live without them.


Yes, almost everywhere. On the Internet Google-free websites are rare, but you can block Google everywhere, making most websites read-only, no more interactivity. Google-free operating systems exist: Linux (except for Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora, though it is possible to “degooglize” them). After months of testing and trying out /e/ I am now completely sure a Google-free Android system is impossible. That is why I return to my old dumb-phone until there is a full Mobile Linux system available. I like /e/, at least they tried.


Hi pjmbraet,
what are the main reasons why you think that a Google-free Android System is impossible?


This is only one application trying to call Google:

I always disable microG, set it to “off”. I tried to forcefully remove some apps, it seems I’ll have to reinstall /e/ or build it myself without the apps I don’t like. Maybe it is possible to build an Android completely free of Google, but there is still some work to do. Almost there? Look at the screen-shots, it tried to synchronize with some Google services too. Maybe I’m a little paranoid about Google.:worried:


Less is always better than nothing.
The path to get a completely degooglelise OS is long but the project / e / is on the right track.

I am looking to remove the maximum of google services and this project suits me perfectly but if for the moment, there are still some flanges of Google or non open source software, we still pick up the majority of our data and as and when as we move forward, we will move towards a totally clean OS.

Personally, I couldn’t go back to a Nokia 3310