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Contribute to the project by sharing your feedback!

As a reminder, we are currently conducting an anonymous segmentation survey to better understand our user base regarding technology and privacy related services. This will, in turn, allow us to continue to improve the OS and services we offer as well as help us find more people for whom /e/OS would be a good fit.

The survey is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. If you would like to participate and share about your experience with /e/ you can follow the link here .

Your feedback is invaluable to the success of the project!

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Excuse me, those survey asks quite sensitive questions, isn’t it?
In which country do you live?, Where do you live ?, What is your age?, What is the highest level of formal education that you have completed ?, Which best describes your employment (paid work) status?, What is your household approximate gross annual income?

What is the reason that answer to those questions are important for you? Are above questions essential to improve your product ?

the survey is a no-go.
I did not come along technical questions, cancelled before.
Questions in the first 2-3 pages are targeted on collecting information about commercial ads and selling information.
I am disapppointed

I filled it in, did not see anything bad.

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@cooky & @88250
We have thousands of people using /e/ today. Some of joined downloading /e/OS on their phone or buying a phone from our e-commerce partner. This is awesome and we are super pleased about it.

Now we want to go further and reach more people, not just 10 or 20, but thousands more, even millions more. Because we believe we offer a unique product that would make their life better.

For that purpose, we are trying to understand from users like you @cooky and @88250 if there are some common traits we can identify to go out there in the world and find other people with similar traits, and tell them “we have a great OS that respect your privacy, would you like to give it a go?”

For example, the survey might tell us that we have tons of users in Germany using Duck Duck Go to browse on the web and mostly are Linux users. Based on that we could (doesn’t mean we will) launch an advertising campaign on DuckDuckGo only in Germany pushing the Open Source component.

Same goes for age group, is /e/OS used today more that people over 40 years old, or by a younger audience. How do we reach to more people in those age groups, etc …

The survey is voluntary, you are not forced to take it if you don’t want to. It is designed to be completely anonymous, we don’t log your IP, we don’t ask for any identifiable information and it cannot be traced back to you as a real person.

We could have been much more intrusive and log IP, location, browser, etc… but this isn’t the way we work. I hope this additional context help.

Take care.


Thank you @alexis for your response. It sounds fair enough to take part in it, though. :slight_smile:

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On that basis I’m very happy to do it.

Just one really teeny point - one of the questions towards the end asks whether people basically live in a city or in the countryside. That seems to leave out all those people living in towns and villages, who I think are in the majority in Britain at least… I don’t know how important the question is to the survey, and I daresay it’s too late to change it now anyway. But I thought I would point that out just in case.

I do not understand 2 questions, namely whether one is willing to pay.
What is meant by the % figures? Is it possibly a mistake and you actually mean the € sign?
Here is a screenshot what I mean exactly.

The question is how much more you’re willing to pay for a service that respects your privacy compared to a service that doesn’t.

Let’s say there’s an app in the Playstore which costs 5€. And there’s another app that does the same, but is transparent about its data use and respects your privacy, maybe it’s even open source. How much more would you be willing to pay?

The answers range is from 10 to 100%+ more (so 5.50 up to 10€+).

I miss some apps but in generals therms just love it.

My main reasons arent privacy itself, are more political, to fight those big companies and their values.



first of all thanks for the answer, it is not described that exactly.
How you described it, you can understand it directly, but in the survey I don’t find it well explained. It only says how much you would be willing to pay more, so I ask myself, from what more to pay? What to pay more? Do they mean maybe Euros instead of percent?

About this aspect for example instead free mail and storage space now I pay above 60€/year and glad to do it. I understand that not everyone can do it, but it’s a not so expensive consideration.

By the way, my main reasons still political instead privacy ones.

Hi community

I did some personal research about this survey and in the spirit of positive curiosity and questioning to reassure myself and for the sake of privacy protection we all take care of.

So I decided to take the survey in support of e.foundation.

The survey link is hosted by limequery.net and certificate meta generator is limequery.org and seems hosted by hetzner.de (looking at IP

Survey service is provided by www.limesurvey.org third party company that according to their website, the service offered

  1. can save IP address and Google Analytics data https://manual.limesurvey.org/Notifications_%26_data
  2. can encrypt data stored in the database as an option

About #1 in the first page of survey it is stated “The record of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you,” and @alexis a certified user from e.support confirmed it hence we are all here because of privacy and this is in line with e.foundation mission.

About #2 although data is not encrypted should not be a big issue as data is not linked to identifiable-to-users info.

Both limequery domains are registered via domains.com and have registrants in Germany but obfuscated by privacy option, this is a common practice.

URL link https://mydataismydata.limequery.net/434696?lang=en

Survey seems a unique key made by 3rd level domain mydataismydata and unique ID 434696 as landing page

I filled in the survey just now. I support the mission of finding new customers and am happy to help with it.

There was one question that might
“How proficient are you with technology in general?”

I filled in ‘conservative’ here. But the reason that I have become conservative, is exactly because I don’t trust technology any more. When I find out about privacy friendly options, I become more much more of a tech adept, just as I once used to back in the days.

I think without this background information, my answer (and perhaps that of others) to this question, might be misunderstood.

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