Leaving Apple & Google: spotlight on /e/ application installer

/e/ Android application repository & installer

[Note: this newsletter is available here in French, here in Italian ]

This development was started 7 months ago… It’s a heavy development because it needs a solid backend infrastructure to keep tens of thousands Android applications up to date, have some web-services to query this backend using an API, and client softwares…

After a web-version of the client software for two months now, which is not fully ready yet for a public beta release, we have the first internal builds of our Android installer, that was developed from scratch!

As explained in the initial vision, it will provide both Open Source Android apps, like the ones available in F-Droid, and other free Android applications.

And we are adding some automatic scoring features:

  • privacy score (trackers, permissions…)
  • energy score (energy consumption

Will be released soon, stay tuned!