LED battery charging

I use /e/ on my Fairphone and it works well, but I have a little issue: the red/green LED doesn’t light when the phone is charging/charged.
(The LED works for the notifications).
How can I enable this function please?

Do you have a Fairphone 2 or Fairphone 3?

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It’s a Fairphone 3 with /e/ installed by myself.

Settings - Apps & notifications - Notifications - Battery light

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Thanks, but it was already “on”. I try to desactivate then reactivite and hope it will work.
I will let you know.


I have charged my FP3 yesterday and still have this issue.
When the phone is on and the battery <15%, the LED blinks. When the phone is on and the battery is charging, the LED is red.
But when the phone is off (charging or fully charged), no LED shines.
Fortunately, when I press the power button, the battery level is displayed.

If anyone had the solution, I would be happy :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I don’t see the failure here. “Off” means it is switched off. What LED should indicate, that the device is switched off? :thinking:

Sorry if I don’t speak clearly.
It seems to me that normally, when the device is switched off and the battery is charging, the LED should be red, and green when it is fully charged, right?

Hi, I quick checked on three devices (/e/OS and LineageOS driven) - none of them has a shining LED while getting charged switched off. Do you miss this “feature”?

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The LED of a charging FP2 with FPOS installed is yellow while being shudown and charging (probably red when low power, probably green when full, haven’t checked this yet).
While charging a shutdown FP2 with LineagOS or /e/OS installed there’s no LED shining.

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OK, so this feature isn’t available for fp3 with /e/. My previous smarphones (and laptops) had this function so I thought all had. It’s useful but not indispensable.
Thank you for your answers!

Short: Charging LED works on my /e/FP3.

I ordered my Fairphone 3 with /e/OS preinstalled. Got the delivery on 12th of October 2020. Updater is saying: Version = “/e/OS 0.11-2020083170821”

When I plug in an USB charger, the LED of the phone (above the display) turns on. It lights when the display is on and lights when the display is off.

One nice thing, I like: Depending on the charging level, the LED lights in different colors:

  • battery 15% full: red color
  • battery 24% to 89% full: yellow color
  • battery 90% and more full: green color

@yann1: Which “/e/OS” is installed on your phone?

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According my understanding, there is a difference between “when the display is off” and

When the display is off (device in hybernation BUT switched ON) the LED is lightning, of course…

My version is 0.12-2020093076095.

Yes. And when the device is switched off and charging, the LED does not light up, while it was on with my previous smartphone (without /e/).

It works on my Galaxy S7 with /e/, but sometimes just after a reboot.