LeEco S2 - 1.11-Q - Bluetooth error message

I have just installed 1.11-Q on two LeEco S2 and when I am booting I have this error message about bluetooth which goes away after I dismiss the error message two times. I have checked I dont have bluetooth on (and dont have the need for bluetooth). Is there something in the settings that I have to do to remove this error? PS: all the rest works pretty well. Thanks

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Are you able to capture and share the message in some way. With sight of the exact text maybe someone will recognize where the message was generated.

Yes, here is the error message I get.

And the message appears only twice and does not appear anymore when I click on “Close App”. When I click on “App info”, as I try to deactivate the bluetooth app but I cant access its settings as I guess it’s a system app.

For that one, I would try

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > 3 dot menu top right > Show system > Bluetooth > Storage & cache > Clear storage | Clear cache

Clear cache is the minimum intervention but if you used no Bluetooth I would go straight for Clear storage.

I tried directly with Clear Storage and it did not work.
I think it might be an issue with the ROM itself as I had this message immediately after flashing the ROM on the first boot and thought that the ROM would not work. But everything works fine except that.
I wonder if I could simply remove it with an ADB command without creating a mess as I really want as much a bare bone de-googled phone as possible with the smallest surface attack possible and I dont care at all about bluetooth.

PS: Also I installed e/OS on 2 LeEco phones and both have the same bluetooth issue, so it’s most likely a ROM issue.

PS2: Out of curiosity I tried to open bluetooth and it does not work at all. I get the same message. So it seems that at boot time, it wants to launch bluetooth by default for some reason.

I think it is worth trying to get to the bottom of it. Are you familiar with the collection of a logcat

The output from logcat can be enormous. Take some time to practice … start logcat right after you boot the phone and take an accurate note of the times when the notifications appear.

As you learn to recognise the timestamp on the log, you can trim the logcat to just the length of start + annoying notifications

adb logcat -- help will provide clues.

You would then have the opportunity to have devs look at it if you Report an issue.

Good luck

Agreed. I have looked briefly at logcat before but I have never used it practically .
So actually it’s a good opportunity to learn.
If I may, I might ask you just in case I run into some issues with logcat.
Thanks for your help.

This XDA forum post is a great place to start


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