LeEco S2 - 1.15-Q - WebView Security Issue

I just noticed that on the latest build WebView has not been updated for a year as it stands at version 108.xxx whereas we are at version 118.xxx. This is quite a big security issue. All other de-googled mobile OSes are up to date. So why /e/OS does not seem to care about securtity?

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we have used the Bromite browser with some specific settings to build the /e/OS browser. But the Bromite browser project has been unmaintained for months, and we have not been able to ship new builds of /e/OS browsers based on recent Chromium releases (today we are stuck at 108). As a result, we are missing out on some new features and, obviously, some security updates that were introduced after version 108. Our support and dev team have been working to find a sustainable solution and process to address this concern, and we hope to reach a viable solution as soon as possible, but it’s not here yet.
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Thank you for providing the thread.

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