Length of calls in call history


While on a call you can see how long the call has been going for. But after the call has ended, the only information on the call (in ‘Call History’) is the date of the call.

Is there anywhere that I can get the info if I cannot simply change a setting to make it visible?

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In call history short tap on the middle of the call-item in the list → choose call details

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thank you @obacht. I’d assumed it was user error. but so obvious. In my defence there was enough times that I’d not pressed far enough left that I’d called the person, so not I never press any further right. Perhaps there is some improvement possible in design for end user…

Anyway. Thanks

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No worries, glad I could help!

(Yes, not obvious that there’s a left, middle and right tap-function…)

… funny meeting of avatars by the way :smiley_cat:

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