LENOVO A1010a20

Hi Everybody,

Currently I’m under Android with a LENOVO A1010a20 and the omniprésence of google is boring me. It will be very great that a /e/ rom will be developped for this phone, will it ?

EDIT : It seems that the /e/ project target phones with at least 5 inch screen. By my side, I have choosen Lenovo A1010a20 beause of its smaller screen size.

Used to own that device and the only option to use lineage was with an unofficial 14.1 and 15.1 both of them were buggy and a little bit slow and battery hungry.

So, if the only options are unofficial, there’s no way to build an /e/ image , AFAIW

Thank you for your reply.
If I have well understood, the Lenovo A1010a20 can run a Lineage rom under 14.1 or 15.1. And these versions are bugged. That’s it ?

In fact, I don’t understand the link between Lineage and /e/ !? For a phone to be under an /e/ rom, it must have been under a Lineage rom before ?

What does mean AFAIW ?

Thank you.

The link between /e/ and Lineage is that /e/ code is forked from Lineage. So any device that works with a lineage ROM should work on /e/ …To get a better picture of /e/ you can read this post and this faq on wiki

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No official LineageOs support for this device