Lenovo - Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) - (TB125FU)

CPU: MediaTek G80
OS: Android 12
Other: Easy rootable but no other OS available on the net (other than stock Android).

Such a fine device for the price, is really painfull see it working with the Google/Lenovo goodforfertilize stock ROM.
I tried myself to build one but sadly my skills are not good enought.

Thanks a lot for your work.

(Happy owner of Redmi Note 9 Pro with eOS)

I have tried with this tablet and we will need to wait for /e/ GSI files to be updated to support Android 12 since the ones that we have access to now only support Android 10.

I will be looking into this and see if i can build a GSI, but like you mentioned, my skills are limited but I’m here to learn. See what happens

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Thanks a lot for your attempt!