Lenovo Vibe P1Ma40


I have a Lenovo Vibe p1ma40 with me on which i want to install eelo. Is there a rom available for it?


Your device isn’t on the list of supported devices.

And looks like no Unofficial built is available neither.

But you can request the support of your device.

I have this phone too. Son is using it for playing some simple games.
I also would like to flash it with /e/

meanwhile I did unlock bootloader

and install twrp

I did try to follow XDA forum to see if I can install lineage 14.1 to phone.

But there is a problem while installing lineage zip, installation is aborted.

any suggestion?
could be wrong twrp version? I did install 3.1.1 which I did find on that page posted above.


I did find another TWRP which I was able to flash here:

For first time I did flash 3.2.1 but I could not flash ROM so I did flash twrp 3.1.1.
Maybe it was not problem. I did try several lineage ROM but finally I did find this one:


And I did flash open gapps nano.

Phone is running OK.
Hope I could see /e/ image for this phone. It will be very nice.

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