Lenovo YTX703L Dialer is always disconnecting on use

on the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus LTE YTX703L the dialer is not working since the last four or five LOS Versions and the actual /e/OS. It disconnects directly after dialing. I double checked the sim card on two other Lineageos phones, the provider is AldiTalk Germany running on the Telefonica network.
Can anybody help?

Hi @NonKon welcome to the /e/ forum.

One often suggests trying Simple Dialer from Simple mobile tools, to see if things improve.

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I tried some other dialers, always the same fail. I guess it has something to do with the firmware.

Thank you for ruling that out. You may already have searched https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/issues. (Here, Dialer search https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/issues/?search=Dialer&sort=created_date&state=opened&first_page_size=20)

Next to consider would be https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/create-a-log.html ā€“ if you find no matching issue exists then perhaps https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/report-an-issue.


if you could find the Lineage version where the fail started, you might start to triage the problem more effectively.

Good luck

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Yes, maybe I could find this out, but Iā€™m just a user. I hoped that a obvious important app like the dialer would be fixed by the developers soon, even on LOS.