Lenovo Z5 Pro (L78031)

It would be nice if I had this rom on my new phone Lenovo Z5 Pro it’s not a wide known device, because it was built and only distributed in china. Something that I don’t like on it, it’s the ammount of bloatware pre installed, it has only Chinese and English language and when in English, still has some text in Chinese, but none of this I mentioned above is worse than the lack of ability to change it to dark mode, since I have an super amoled screen it would be the perfect combination for better battery consumption. Not mentioning the lack of an always on display another feature that I used a lot on my lumia 950 XL and I almost can’t live without it.

The specs are:
Snapdragon 710
128Gb of storage
Super Amoled full hd+
Dual rear camera 24mp and 16mp
Dual front camera 16mp and 8mp (infrared for face unlock).
It came with Android 8 but it was updated to Android 9.

It would be really nice to have that rom to it, besides the one it came with it I managed to find only one, the DotOS last updated on 06/09/2019 and it is in beta test with many features not working and it can be found here:

Although it seams there are not many people who owns it and this topic is more like to be ignored, archived or deleted and forgotten, but I have to try.

Bump. Seems that Lenovo Z5s (jd2019), Lenovo K10 Note (kunlun2_row) and Lenovo Z6 Lite (kunlun2) can be commonly maintained since are based on the same SoC (= sdm710-common).

So here’s some -maybe- useful (re)sources:

Hope that helps !