Letters instead of numbers on the keypad


First of all I want to thank the team for their awesome work on building /e/OS: I really love it and I recently read an article (sorry it’s in french) of a chinese study that shows that /e/OS doesn’t send any personal data or metadata to Google, Facebook or Microsoft. This is why I installed /e/OS on my phone so thank you for that, and keep up the good work!

Now, I have an issue with my keypad: when I make a call with the built-in /e/OS phone app, and I have to use the keypad, there is no number anymore, instead, it comes with letters.
That’s very annoying as most of the time I use the keypad to input numbers, not letters (you know, when you call your bank and they ask you to “press number 4” for example).

So how do I revert back to the previous keypad? The one with numbers, not letters?

Here is a screenshot:

Thank you so much for your support.

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The letters aren’t there instead of the numbers, the letters are always there. For you just now, most probably the numbers aren’t visible because the font colour matches the background colour.

Are the numbers visible if you change the setting of Settings - Accessibility - Dark theme?

Are you on the latest /e/ version for your device? See Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version.

An issue was filed for this:

Thank you: yes you’re right, if I switch to dark mode I can see the numbers so the issue is the font color for the numbers is the same as the background.
I read the thread on GitLab but it doesn’t seem to be any fix at the moment, apart from the dark theme which I don’t want to use if possible.

What do you suggest?

I run the latest /e/OS version: /e/OS 0.18-20210828132307
Android 10


Two options:

  1. Patience - this will get fixed but it may take a couple of releases
  2. Install a different Dialer app, and set it as the default phone app. I have used Simple Dialer from F-Droid in the past when there were major bugs in /e/'s app
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Thank you so much for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, take simple dialer app. best of all

Thanks @kisman172
I’ve installed simple dialer app: looks great, and I was able to restore the light theme on my phone.
Too bad there’s no light theme for simple dialer app though, but that’s ok.

There’s a light theme definetly

When I go to settings, all I see is “Customize colors (Locked)”.
So how do you switch to the light theme?

I hope you’ve installed it via f-droid store, not e-APP store oder aurora. :wink:
you should use the pro version
and with the simple thank you app, you will be able to change the clours and themes globally over all simple apps.

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Thank you for your answer @kisman172
Finally I’ve got used to the dark theme so there’s no need to buy it.
I’ve installed it from the native /e/ “Apps” app: is it ok?

Yes it is OK.
You don’t have to buy it, but donations are always welcome