LG Aristo as candidate for new OS

LG Aristo, an inexpensive phone featuring a replaceable battery and expandable storage. Have found these phones new for under $75US.

A phone with Removable Battery is sustainable and environmentally friendly. I know four LG Aristo models with Lithium-Ion removable battery. Which LG Aristo™® are you thinking of?

I’ve actually had two models of Aristo.?? The first had Nougat as
the OS, the one I have now is an Aristo 2, which came with Oreo
OS.?? Both operated on T-Mobile.?? Either one would be a good
candidate for e.OS, because the phones are a good size, and are
sold at a very reasonable price.?? Replacement batteries are
somewhere around $12-$18.00US, so that’s not bad at all.

  I used to have iPhones, but simply can't justify the price/value

equation on those phones.?? I also am a fan of open source
software, and you’ll never see that from the major companies.

I suggested this a while back. There is the LG Aristo MS 210, Than the Aristo 2 which is the x210ma, The TMobile version is the Aristo 2 plus which is a slightly different build, but they are all variations of the LG K8. The Phoenix, Risio, are also variants of the K8.

The Aristo and Aristo 2 both have Lineage 14.1 builds available already as well, but you have to downgrade to Nougat to access fastboot and flash the Aristo 2 if you are on Oreo unrooted.

I guess the good news is I still have my original Aristo with
Nougat, which was working when I bought the Aristo 2. So I can
work with the older phone and not worry if something goes out of
whack. What is the download file for the this? Is it available

Not yet, but the Aristo 2 downgrade is pretty simple if you stick to the instructions I’ll show you. The phone is practically impossible to brick, I’ve put mine through more torture than any device I’ve owned. Using LGUP, and putting the phone in download mode you can flash the stock firmware back if there’s an issue. The Aristo 2 is better to work with because of the larger amount of ram. Try this out, and you’ll be prepared if /e/ does become available. https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/tecknights-aristo-2-tutorials-t3805141

The best route to go is in the section titled " install a pre-rooted ROM to your Aristo 2." The latest ROM in the thread removes LGs root detection took which slows down almost every rooted LG device out there. Also, after flashing TWRP, there is a build of Pitch Black Recovery available to replace it with. If you’re unfamiliar with PB its TWRP on steroids. If you need any help just message me.

Hi, I switched back to my older Aristo from the Aristo2. I could never get my Aristo2 to work with Android file transfer via USB. It always worked flawlessly on the original Aristo. I don’t miss the newer phone, they’re very similar. So now I’m wondering will Android file transfer work on my Mac with eOS. Have you heard anything about that? thanks.