LG G2 D802 e as a drop in replacement for Andoid 5

Hi folks,

I have the 16GB version of the D802, I wonder if anyone have experience with running e OS on this series of phones?

I planning on a system migration to e because the apps start behaving utterly slow and non responsive on my phone.

For example when the phone is connected to wifi there is an 1 minute terrible lag while all apps in the background tries to connect to their servers making the phone unusably slow.

Google hangouts now crashing regularly which is I don’t know maybe because I never updated this maybe google even shut this service down but annoying.

Also I noticed that your e is equivalent to Android 8 which might still not be a good idea to run on a 5 years old phone although even with Android 5 it is not the base OS which is terribly slow but the apps make it be slow.

Im particularly interested about the /e/ email app is able to use private smtp and is there a youtube app?

Can you install all other Android 8 apps afterwards?


Hello @freebsd, equipping the LG G2 d802 with a custom ROM is more complicated than equipping the LG G3 d855. The probability to make the phone unusable is higher than with many other devices. A beginner in terms of “flashing” I advise against this device.

On a LG G3 d855 with 2/16 GB (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801) the /e/ OS dev (nougat) runs fine overall. The performance difference to the LG G2 d802 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 800) is only a small one. I assume that it will be worthwhile to change the OS.

What do you understand in detail by “all other Android 8 apps afterwards?

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