LG G5 /e/ flash problem



I’m stil stuch at step 5 of the procedure I cannot boot in recovery mode or it is not correctly loaded.

I check the sha256 of twrp file it is ok,
When I type fastboot flash recovery twrp-x.x.x-x-h850.img command
The phone reboots but I see a droid laying down and his door open and a message ‘no command’
Then I cannot do anything else.

What’s wrong ??


I don’t know what has changed but I succeed in booting on recovery mode.

I pushed the zip file but, can’t succeed to push sha256 file for checking.
The first boot is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long !!!
I first believed I have crashed the phone, Gasp !!!

Now I’m waiting for the 1.0 release


you are right. The first boot always takes a long time. A bit scary…makes you think the phone is now stuck in a bootloop :frowning: