LG G5 /e/ flash problem

I’m stil stuch at step 5 of the procedure I cannot boot in recovery mode or it is not correctly loaded.

I check the sha256 of twrp file it is ok,
When I type fastboot flash recovery twrp-x.x.x-x-h850.img command
The phone reboots but I see a droid laying down and his door open and a message ‘no command’
Then I cannot do anything else.

What’s wrong ??

I don’t know what has changed but I succeed in booting on recovery mode.

I pushed the zip file but, can’t succeed to push sha256 file for checking.
The first boot is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long !!!
I first believed I have crashed the phone, Gasp !!!

Now I’m waiting for the 1.0 release

you are right. The first boot always takes a long time. A bit scary…makes you think the phone is now stuck in a bootloop :frowning:

Unlocking the bootloader is much easier and above all less risky with the LG G5 “h850” than with the LG G3 “d855”.

The TWRP recovery installation was a bit bumpy for me, because according to Install /e/ on a LG G5 (International) - “h850”

6. Now reboot into recovery to verify the installation.

wasn’t rebooted into recovery, but into StockROM Android 8.0.0.

Instead of a soft reboot, a short abrupt switch-off of the device by removing the battery helped.

With a restart into recovery, the TWRP logo remained motionless for “half an eternity”. I already thought it was frozen. After “infinite” minutes it went on and the TWRP 3.3.1-0 could be configured.

At first sight, the /e/ OS ROM e-.0.7-nougat can work with the bootloader and baseband of the StockROM Android Oreo 8.0.0.

With Samsung devices with StockROM Oero 8.0.0 and /e/ OS Nougart 7.0 ROMs I have not made this experience. There bootloop, not recognizing the SIM card, missing IMEI and baseband information were found and therefore the devices were not usable.

First suggestions for improvement, like adding the feature FMRadio and updating Webview 78.0.3904.108 to 79.0.3945.116 are available on gitlab.

…or how about a test with this?

We are still testing out the upgrade of our source code to Pie. As part of that effort I have build a Pi/e/ ROM for the LG G5 - “h850”