LG G5 GPS Not working

Hello !
I have just installed /e/ on my phone. Everything work fine except for the GPS and /or Magic Earth.
It is able to find my location but and propose an itinerary but then, it remains stucked on the initial position.
Thanks for help.

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Dear @PatrickZ,

there are few things to try or confirm:

  • confirm pls that you are on 0.16-q (latest build)
  • check location tracking with GPSTest app
  • use a Google account to activate and use microG location settings

Let us know

Hi !
I reinstalled /e/ with latest build.
I activated MicroG : Nominatim and Mozzila UnifiedNlp
No fix in gps ttracking test
and yet, when I open maps, it gave me my location and an itinerary. But stays stuck on initial location.

There is an app OpenTracks which will run on pure GPS, that is, offline. If this runs as expected it would help to rule out a GPS poor function (or see if somehow Magic Earth prefers mobile data beacons)

… and / or it will help get GPS into focus.

Could that be the problem ?


It could be, but Magic Earth produces these sort of errors on a new install, so I would do the tests before pulling the phone apart!

It neither works with maps

Sorry @PatrickZ, I misread the situation - you had already tested it! I have had Magic Earth slow to get its act together and get GPS to wake up!