LG G5 h820 and /e/ os


Does please /e/ work on LG G5 h820 ? I see only h850 on the installation web page.



No, the LG G5 H820 isn’t supported by /e/ OS.

I know this model variants of the LG G5™

LG G5 (H820) Titan (AT&T)
LG G5 (H845 Dual)
LG G5 (H860N - Dual with dual-SIM card slots)
LG G5 (H868 - Dual)
LG G5 (H840) (LATAM) 
LG G5 (H845) (Russia)
LG G5 (H850)
LG G5 (VS987)
LG G5 SE aka LG G5 Lite

LineageOS also builds a separate ROM for each LG G5™ model. The H820 isn’t included.

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