LG g5"h850" message "your device software cannot be checked for corruption. Look the bootloader"

Hello, my english is not very well. I use translator . So By turning on the phone there is the message “your device software cannot be checked for corruption. Look the bootloader”. I noticed that under android and abp with the oem lock command I believe this one disappeared but I don’t know if it works with/e/? I don’t want to cough up my phone and I don’t know if this message is important?


Bootloader cannot be re-locked with /e/. You don’t need to be concerned with this message as it is normal when you have an unlocked bootloader.

Thank you. Have a good rest of the day


LG has simplified the unlocking of the bootloader on the G5 H850 compared to the G3 d855, but has added this screen filling note. I don’t consider this warning as a caring hint for data security, but as a deterrent by LG to change the OS.


The LG G3 d855 doesn’t know such a warning. It starts with the LG logo and then switches to the animated /e/ logo. That’s it.

There are → different opinions and experiences about re-lock bootloader, e. g.

We already had a look about this point. Unfortunately, it seems a bit difficult to lock the bootloader with another ROM than the official one. Please feel free to open an issue on our GitLab to discuss about that.

Ok, I will take note. Good day.