LG G5 H850 on e os 18 no sim firmware update?

I just installed e 0.18 os on two LG G5 H850 and neither are recognizing sim. Sometimes “invalid Sim” displays but in any case no service. Otherwise install seems fine. A little reading says that now the devices are on ‘android 10’ the last factory modem firmware ( for android 8.1) is a likely culprit. Device is not asking me for a sim code.

I don’t think LG supported firmware past android 8.1 if they did I don’t know how to find it.

Any suggestions on what firmware to try? It may be also a different issue - this is just a guess and I am not versed in these things.

Appreciate any advice and please excuse my technical inexperience.

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There is a 0.19-q and a 0.18-r build available for h850. Are both displaying the issue?