LG G5 : How To revert to stock ROM?

Hi everyone !

Because of recent issues (can’t login on Snapchat, can’t use my Bank app etc), I want to go back temporarily to the stock ROM

But I don’t know how to proceed. What to download between KDZ or “Complete zip” ? Which method to use : TWRP, LG Bridge, LG UP ?

Hi, wrong group/category :wink:

The procedure is not without risk. Therefore as a first step I strongly recommend to store the EFS¹ of your H850 via TWRP, e.g. on an external SD card or the cloud or your PC.

The EFS¹ (Encrypting File System) file system contains all “important” data about device code (IMEI), security zone, product code, serial number and MAC addresses for Bluetooth and WLAN. All hash values of the system files are also stored there.

As so often there is not only one way back to stockROM.

Do you want the StockROM with TWRP and Bootloader to remain open
the complete StockROM and Bootloader to be (again) locked (Oem Lock)?

I want my phone like new. So with bootloader locked.

I’ve flashed the kdz with LG UP. So now, I have the stock ROM (but my PIN code is still here. I don’t know why. Maybe I should reinitialize the phone to erase it after bootloader is locked again ?)

1./ You mean the PIN code of /e/ OS (or StockROM) is still there?

2./ How did you lock the bootloader again? (via “fastboot oem lock” ?)

The PIN code when you turn on the phone. But it’s fixed now. My G5 is with the stock ROM again.

And I locked it with “fastboot oem lock”