LG G6 H870 - Oreo

Will this phone be supported ?
Oreo support will be good, Pie even better :slight_smile:


Hi @flt does the phone have support on Lineage. Devices which have a large number of user requests have a better chance of getting on the supported list.

Hello @Manoj, it was supported, but it’s no more the case.
Nevertheless, I’m ready to try to install /e/ on G6 H870.
I can try to build the ROM. Where to start ? Because the “proceed to installation” item is not a link in https://doc.e.foundation/devices/
My linux VM is up and running :slight_smile:

Hi @flt the G6 H870 is as yet not supported as you can see here
You can try and build it using the guides given here it is no longer maintained by Lineage but you should be able to still build it.