LG G7 ThinQ LMG710EM - Judyln | Device Request


I wonder, if it would be possible to create an /e/ version for the LG G7 ThinQ. At release it came with Android 8. It’s currently running Android 10.
I don’t know, if it’s supported by any other Android Custom ROM.

It’s not officially supported by LineageOS, but there is an unofficial - and apparently stable - LOS 17.1 ROM so an unofficial /e/ build should be possible. Looks like the needed files are all on github

https://github.com/TheNotOnly/android_kernel_lge_sdm845 (Kernel by @NotTheOnly) 

Make a local manifest from that lot, and it should build with no problems :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and the fast reply!

But I honestly don’t know, how to build an /e/ ROM :smiley:
Since I am no expert, I think it would be best to wait for an official build.

It’s Sunday, the golf courses in England are still closed, so I have nothing better to do, and an unofficial build is in progress :slight_smile: If it works, it should be available in the morning - watch this space.

Realistically, there won’t be an official build, as the device is not officially supported by LOS.

I haven’t forgotten about this: the build started at 20:50 last night, and is currently at 92%. It should definitely be available sometime this month :slight_smile:

… and the build failed at 98% :frowning: with an error message I’ve never seen before and have no idea how to go about fixing.

All I can recommend for know is that you head over to XDA forums and try out the [STABLE][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 17.1 for the LG G7 ThinQ ROM. It seems to pretty stable, with most things working.

Sorry I can’t get /e/ working for you. If anyone else fancies a try, this is the content of the local manifest I used

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!-- LG G7 ThinQ LMG710EM - judyln-->
    <!-- Get the kernel files from github/TheNotOnly -->
    <project name="TheNotOnly/android_kernel_lge_sdm845" path="kernel/lge/sdm845" remote="github" revision="new-markus" />

    <!-- Get the device tree and vendor files from github/LameMonster82 -->
    <project name="LameMonster82/android_device_lge_judyln" path="device/lge/judyln" remote="github"  revision="lineage-17.1" />
    <project name="LameMonster82/android_device_lge_sdm845-common" path="device/lge/sdm845-common" remote="github"  revision="lineage-17.1" />
    <project name="LameMonster82/proprietary_vendor_lge" path="vendor/lge" remote="github"  revision="lineage-17.1" />

And this is the error I get when building

[ 98% 120944/122831] Verifying vendor VINTF manifest.
FAILED: out/target/product/judyln/verified_assembled_vendor_manifest.xml
/bin/bash -c "PRODUCT_ENFORCE_VINTF_MANIFEST=true 	 	out/host/linux-x86/bin/assemble_vintf 	     	    -c out/target/product/judyln/obj/ETC/verified_assembled_system_matrix.xml_intermediates/verified_assembled_system_matrix.xml 	    -i out/target/product/judyln/obj/ETC/device_manifest.xml_intermediates/manifest.xml 	    \$([ -d out/target/product/judyln/vendor/etc/vintf/manifest ] && 	        find out/target/product/judyln/vendor/etc/vintf/manifest -type f -name \"*.xml\" | 	        sed \"s/^/-i /\" | tr '\\n' ' ') -o out/target/product/judyln/verified_assembled_vendor_manifest.xml"
File "out/target/product/judyln/vendor/etc/vintf/manifest/vendor.lineage.livedisplay@2.0-service.lge_sdm845.xml" cannot be added: HAL "vendor.lineage.livedisplay" has a conflict.

Good luck