LG Q6 not yet supported

Hello, i’ve found your website searching an alternative to android for my LG Q6 but actually, i still see that my phone is not yet supported and wondered if it will be in the futur ?
I’m in life a computer specialist, i use linux since 2003 and i really desire to no longer depend to Google.
I wondered if there is a risk to brick my phone during this kind of migration ?

Thank you for your help.

Yes, there is always the risk!

Besides: LG Q6 is not equal to LG Q6. There are different versions for different continents: M700A, M700DSK, M700AN, Q6+ Q6α. Custom ROMs are not known to me for this model series.

I’ve got the LG-M700n

All i’ve is :
Android Version : 8.1.0
Last android patch security : 1 september 2019
Base Band version : MPSS.TA.2.3.c4-00035)8940_GEN_PACK-1.207232
Kerbel version : 3.18.71
Build Number : OPM1.171019.026
Software version : V20j-EUR-XX