LG Stylo 3 LG LS777 lucky triple 7s

i am desperate for more control over my phone. It’s going to be trickier i think, it’s currently unrootable, can’t unlock the bootloader… I need this, i can’t afford a new phone otherwise i’d have the Stylo 5, I need the stylus for my work. I have already tried to stop using chrome, switched to Firefox and I got rid of Google search, DuckDuckGo is great! I’ve already switched carriers from Sprint, where i bought my phone from to Cricket, so i have a tton of Sprint garbage that we all know comes on the phone, that i can’t use AT ALL anyway! i need more room and i need to get more privacy. I can barely afford to survive much less sell my data to others and allow Google and all the big boys make money off my data, it’s bulllllll…
Thank you for everything that ya’ll do to try to protect us all from the big boys trying to f us all!! Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart!!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone