LG ThinQ V60-Now that Lineage OS has a Rom for this phone

Now that Lineage OS has a Rom for the LG ThinQ V60 Perhaps E/os will develop a rom for this phone as well.

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Where did you find that Lineage OS ROM? There’s no mention of LG ThinQ V60 in their device list an dno sign of any custom ROMs on XDA Forums .

Ecosia search didn’t turn up anything useful either

I would advise not to vist that website. The site pointed to by this link appears to be hosting malware

Hello I am still trying to find someone with the skills to develop something for the LG ThinQ V60 Verizon phone so that I can install it on the phone. As of this date even at XDA developers website there are no roms available and none at Lineage either. Is this phone just too tough of an egg to crack? I have been waiting about 5 yrs.
In my first email I referred to a site that said they had something, but that site has since been flagged here as malware related and I felt like I was some kind of criminal. But it was an innocent mistake I assure you. If anyone here can point me to someone doing work on this phone I would be most grateful. Having purchased this phone on a very long payment plan ending in July of this year 2022, I can assure you that I would like to keep it.
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There is still no Lineage OS ROM - or any other custom ROM - that I fan find for this device. I don’t think you will find many (any?) people in this forum with the skills, experience, and motivation to develop a custom ROM from scratch. And if there were such a person, developing custom ROM from svratch will take many months (or years).

If you want a phone to run /e/OS or LineageOS, your best bet may be to sell this phone, and buy a phone already supported by these ROMs.

I also want to help but in the v60 telegram group, there are some developers who wants to help but it’s unfortunate they don’t have the device. If you can join the group, maybe we can contribute to develop for this device. The sad thing is, v60 don’t even have device tree to begin with. And someone needs to develop device tree for it which will take months

There is now a way with a definitive guide to install customs roms on the LG V60 ThinQ phone. What used to be impossible is now possible thanks to some devs at XDA. Please see the following link:

Best to All

If you were thinking of an /e/ GSI ROM for this phone here are some links.

Good luck.

Thx and back at you and anyone else interested:

I await the day that e/OS will offer a solution for this phone.

I have to ask … in what way do you think that you did not already find the /e/OS solution ?

Many have found that GSI is the way to go with a device like this.

Thanks, the reason that I would like e/os is because it is customized to eliminate google as much as possible as they, Apple and the advertisers use individuals phones as tracking devices and while I do not expect complete anonymity I would enjoy a modicum of privacy.

Best To You and Thank You for Your responses.