Lg v20 h990 comparison with other roms

It seems there are very few posts related to the lg v20 h990. Can anyone tell how much of the lineageos this rom has borrowed? They usually have decent roms but recently dropped support for this device. Unofficial builds are still posted but they have integrated into it gapps. Therefore I’m interested in /e/ OS now.

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as a rule of thumb - the build sources for prebuilt device images not sold on the murena store are synonymous with Lineage. If they go back to different sources you’d see it filtered to your device codename at https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/devices/

So if the maintainer hopped off, it too does apply for /e/os. So you won’t see kernel/device fixes, but still receive framework updates.

thanks for answering. Do you know if anybody is going to release a version based on LOS21. It seems they improved significantly the DAC support. Only one non-official build is available but it contains gapps.

it’s possible that /e/ will release a h990 build once they move to “U” - as the lineage-21 branch exists at GitHub - LineageOS/android_device_lge_h990 - but as it’s marked unmaintained at L already, I wouldn’t bet on it. Best chances are an unofficial /e/ build