LG v20 H990DS (dual sim version)

Hi, I would love to try the ROM on my device. It is an LG V20 dual sim international version (device code H990DS).

I like this LG Phone, just because of its rechargeable battery. Even if it is produced in China like almost all other brands on the workbench of the world, the origin of LG is in Seoul, South Korea.

A look at ebay shows that the LG Phone is predominantly used in the United States of America.

But the common LTE frequencies in Europe and Germany are still available. The band 20 (800 MHz), which is particularly important for Germany because it is the most widely used, is available. Bands 3 and 7 are also available, as is the worldwide band 28 (700 MHz). There are also bands 1, 8, 28 and 32 for Europe.