LG V20 h990ds: successful Bootloader Unlock and /e/ install

Hi there,
I can happily report a successful unlocking of the bootloader as per

[root-dirtysanta-comes-for-the-h990] (http://forum.xda-developers.com/t/root-dirtysanta-comes-for-the-h990.3624296/)

followed by installation of /e/-0.16.

I had to downgrade stock from 20something to 10c first. Only thing in the process was that RUNMEFIRST.sh did not come up with a prompt . I had been waiting for 25min, the terminal on the phone came up with the prompt though. I simply opened another terminal tab (using Linux) and went on with step2. I flashed the latest version of twrp here.

Works all pretty well. Have some inconsistent GPS issues though and I wish the FM radio was supported by the kernel (there is apparently no custom ROM with a driver for the FM at all). Great that the quadDAC ist working though!


Hi @fabo108 :slight_smile:

Same for me FM radio does not work or is not implemented in the LOS kernel :frowning:

Hey do you have issue with calls?
Cause most of the time I cannot call, the 4g disaapear then show a cross on the cell reception and hang after 15 secs


Hi marmotte32,
I don’t have any issues with calls or unexpected loss of reception. I do though get a kernel error from time to time which I don’t understand and the phone needs a restart then.

All the best!

Thanks for the feedback @fabo108 :slight_smile:
In fact I think my v20 has an hardware issue with the antenna and some pins grounded to the back cover of this phone
I will try to improve the reception by sticking copper stickers on the pins
I’ll keep you posted when done!