LG V30 New Device Request

LG V30 users need some love since we are treated like a redheaded step child by LG.

V30 is the last really great smartphone from LG, but I think it is not simple to be officially supported (just look at the flashing manuals from XDA forum).

Its my last LG product ever and I don’t say that lightly.

When will send in service be available?

I’m computer savvy but struggle a bit on the mobile/android side.

In fact, if you’re on a first-name basis with computers, this task won’t be much too challenging for you too. Just review the step-by-step instructions for any OnePlus phone (the most flashing-friendly devices today) and you’ll find it’s quite simple.

Seems doable, thank you for inspiring the confidence to attempt.

I assume I’ll still have to wait for my device to be added to the compatibility list?

I wouldn’t recommend you to expect this. It seems like V30 is not optimal for LineageOS development (eOS is based on LineageOS), so it’s unlikely that it’ll ever appear in the list of supported devices.

If replacing V30 with another device (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S for example) is not an option, I suggest you install the unofficial LineageOS and MicroG insted of GApps. You can also further harden it to make it more like eOS.


Thanks for the help!

I’ll have to wait until I get a new phone. It’ll be when it physically breaks, dies or the battery craps out.

Frustrated with the lack or data control but also frustrated with rapid rising cost of top of the line phones.

I will be looking to this operating system once I do get a new phone.