Libre Camera: Could this inspire a default /e/OS camera?

Libre Camera

Feature-rich camera app to take pictures and record videos.


  • Take pictures and record videos with your rear and front camera
  • Privacy: No EXIF Metadata saved by default when taking pictures (enable optionally in settings) – and obviously no ads and tracking!
  • Themes: Material Design with a Dark, Light or system theme
  • Languages currently supported: 1. English, 2. German – Contribute translating your language!
  • Zoom: Zoom with 2 fingers or with an optional slider
  • Flashlight modes: On at capture, Off, Auto, Always on
  • Focus: Auto focus, locked focus and manual focus by touching the screen
  • Exposure: Auto exposure, locked exposure and manual exposure with an optional slider
  • Image compression: Set the compression amount in the settings
  • Resolutions: Switch between different camera resolutions
  • Save location: Choose your preferred save location
  • Small size (<21 MB)
  • Customizable: Open the settings to customize the app to your liking!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


it has the QR code reader in the roadmap, something I look forward too in OpenCamera. Graphene has it covered


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