LineageOS 17.1 available even for Wileyfox Swift

My goodness, even for Wileyfox Swift !!

So now I’m waiting for the new /e/ version :slight_smile:

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As long as there is no LOS16 sources available no eOS.
eOS from LOS17 is far, far, far away

So how does it exactly work? eOS is based off of LineageOS and since LOS hasn’t relesed its 16th edition for the FP3, eOS can’t be upgraded to a more recent Android version? mades some changes on LOS sources. As long as hasn’t made the needed changes on LOS17 sources we can’t build Q(LOS17) eOS roms

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There are some devices/versions where e,foundation is building eOS without LOS sources.

Interesting. So eOS is jumping directly to LOS17 and skipping LOS16?

Is there a roadmap for when this will roughly happen? Could you point me to it, please?
I am curious to follow the development. :smiley:

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eOS Q is far, far, far, far away. No one knows when it will be coming

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eOS Q is far, far, far, far away. This also getting hampered by the shortage of staff and resources.

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only partially. It’s just bad project management

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by the way, if you have luck, you will get a pie build later today. My build is in the moment at 70%. But from 75% til 99% is the critical phase where most builds failing if something is wrong

EDIT1: OK, build fails at 99% with good known ‘out of space’ error. The system partition of device so to small for pie build. I will start now a ‘small’ edition.

EDIT2: I’m sorry also my small edition is failing. So you have to wait til has solved the ‘out of space’ bug :frowning:


Question of an inexperienced person in terms of build creation:

Why is it possible to build a very good working /e/ OS ROM for the Galaxy S5 “klte” (2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage) - and not for a Wileyfox Swift - “crackling” also with (2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage)?

‘out of space’
After I did that and restarted docker the mounted partition was 20G and I could build my image.

LineageOS 16.0 /android_device_wileyfox_crackling

It has something o do with the partition layout of the device. As on PC you can give your partitions different sizes. The same is on Android. And on some devices the system partition is so small that all pie sources won’t fit into. The best way is to remove the system apps. But in some cases the sources are still to big :frowning:

But on a PC you can resize partitions, why can’t it be done in this case ?

Changing system partitions is a delicate matter. For Linux and Wind°ws host machines there are easy to use tools. For Android phones the danger of making the device unusable is very high.

A disadvantage of new firmware is often the ever-increasing software libraries, which carry a lot of ballast and unnecessarily inflate the image.

While it is true that creating new applications with these software libraries is faster than creating them in pure machine language
(I think here for example of machine-oriented programming with assembler). Instead of programming effectively, more powerful hardware is used to compensate for this shortcoming.

Yeah! This minimal eOS pie version /e/ OS ROM shows what is possible with simple means.

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here you will find a very, very small eOS Pie version

I must delete most prebuild apk to get build finish. Hope you will like it

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