Link for downloading latest BlissLauncher

Could anyone share the link of latest BlissLauncher? Or extract from latest ROM?

Thank you very much.

Your source code is here. But you would have to compile it. Or, extract it from a recent eOS build.

Could you please extract and share?

I downloaded but couldn’t install.

Can you tell some more on what you are trying to do?

I want to try BlissLauncher on my custom ROM. My current custom ROM is not /e/ ROM.

Bliss is in the F-Droid catalogue

There are a lot of bug so I want the latest build.

So bliss is not included in your custom ROM and installation fails with the apk from gitlab?

I can share my build from 26 August if you like? I stripped out the weather widget…

Yep. Please. Thank you.

Yes. It would be great if you can share your extract.

This apk differs a little from original:
-no weather widget
-moving apps to other page made easier
-app.searches above “internet searches”

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Thank you very much for your sharing. Could you share the Android 10 build?

No because i dont have it at the moment. Im planning to make a new build somwhere in the near feature, i can build for q too then…

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Ok. Thank you for your kind support.

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