Link Google account with apps

Dear all,

I’ve been using Eelo on a FP2 for some weeks now. It seems that I do not manage to use or link my Google account to some apps like Family link (which do not find my Google account and thus do not start) or agenda (my google planned task do not appear in it).
Could any one give me some help?
Thanks and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi, e is an google free OS and doesn’t have any google services installed but for your request the original googel services are needed.

From my side of view, it makes no sence trying to use a googel free OS for googel apps. Google is spying on you with all his apps. We don’t want this spying. That’s why e is developed. If you need this google stuff I think e will never be the right sytem for you. Sorry.

@SylvainM, You can add a Google account via Settings -> Accounts just like in any other ROM. You’ll see a few icons there but I think the blue one is the one to use if you need your account visible to other apps.
If you already have the account set but those apps still aren’t working as expected then you’ll have to make a choice, between their usefulness/necessity (install a ROM with GApps) or /e/ & microG.

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Thank You Marc.

I am in the 2d situation: it is installed but I cannot use them.
In fact, I am in a transition, moving my data from Google to Google-free apps. It is quite weird to be able to read gmail messages and not the agenda, but I can live with it.
For Family link this is a big issue but only parents can understand I’m afraid :slight_smile:

My apologies for being a bit dismissive. I’m usually not a member of the why-use-Google-apps-with-microG kind of person.

I did a quick search and see that someone did open an issue regarding Family Link at the microG github. It gets cross referenced with other similar issues (no fixes yet). The main error seems to be this…

java.lang.SecurityException: Access denied, missing EXTENDED_ACCESS permission

That particular permission isn’t provided by microG it seems. Here’s the github post in case you want to keep tabs on it.

I can’t find anything about Agenda just yet. Only thing I can think of is to make sure all permissions are given (contacts, calendar, storage, etc.). Maybe even double check permissions shown in Privacy Guard.

Good luck.

THank you Marc for your search, and do not apologize: I clearly chose Eelo to go out of Google invasion, I knew what to expect. By the way, this Family Link issue is also due to Google’s rules: There is a nice alternative to Family Link for parental control, which is called Locategy. My problem is that it is impossible to remove Family link app without erasing my son’s google account. This is weird and stupid, but it is so.
I think I will finally make my transition a little bit faster than planned and go to Locategy. We will manage to move to another account for my son. I would have liked to make him move to Eelo as well but his phone is not part of the Eelo list (Mobiwire Kayeta)…
Have a nice day!