Link to community forum is not the good one one /e/ website

the link on that link to the forum is not the good one, in en and fr, it links to telegram chat page.
I think you should “repair”, so that new users can ask questions to community.

Hi @loki pl can you point to the specific location where this link is broken. I see one under the If I have a suggestion, how should I contact you? but that is working correctly.

hi, sry, i didn’t see the “website” subforum.

it is the join the community green button that link to telegram, instead of the forum, under :

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Our Community Forum

Our Community Forum is the best place to learn more about the project, upcoming features, get user help or just post your impressions.

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Thanks for pointing that out. Will have someone look into it and resolve the links.

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Please, fix it: as a new user I also found this issue. Or open the sources of the main website in order to allow contributions.

The link from the green button on this page with the text Join the Community has already been fixed.
It leads to the Forum.
Pl can you recheck and let us know in case there are other incorrect links.

Thanks, it is working now.