LinkedIn and Persona check

Hi the community,

I saw for a while that LinkedIn had an ID check process to “verify” account, blah blah, the usual speech about order and security. I did not do it for privacy concerns (as you could tell by the tone of this post). I know LinkedIn in the first place is not a privacy safe place, but there is a gap between them and them having a copy of my ID (or a 3rd party even in that case).

But now, today I am locked out temporarily of my account because of “potential unauthorized access or other activity that do not comply with our policies” (I don’t post anything, just use it for job alerts, so they probably didn’t like having their trackers blocked). The only ways out of it are, from what I can read, to verify my account through Persona and ID check - or (but they don’t make those alternatives obvious) signing a form in front of a notary public, or work email (which did not work in my case for some reason).

What’s your take on this? For now, I’d rather be locked out for a while. But I’ll probably need it at some point :grimacing:

Thanks for your views!

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Did you use an app?

I use it in the browser just fine with strong blocking by firefox

Both, but it’s the same for me on Firefox. They locked me out everywhere, weird

Yeah, very much. Hope you can get it resolved soon